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Logo & Motto

The logo symbolizes unison where learning is a joy and diversity is encouraged and respected. The different colours indicate the individual differences and the outstretched arms of learners are open to all avenues of learning. It symbolizes an environment of joy and celebration by soaring towards attainment of knowledge where it flows uninhibited like the Ganges.

Tradition – An awareness of our traditions deeply rooted in our culture would lead to a confident,self assured individual who is open to the world. Tradition in fact is a stimulant to progress.

Aspiration – At Ganges, aspirations are shaped by confident and firm convictions.The students’ aspiration to reach for the stars in the journey of learning receives positive reinforcement.

Inspiration – A learner who is firmly rooted in our traditions and has high aspirations would be inspired by role models and icons both national and global.

Exploration – An inspired learner would, fired by the possibilities and limitless opportunities that our school offers, explore all the avenues of learning and thus become a role model to others.