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With Ganges, every meal is a new opportunity to learn. Dining is an important and longstanding tradition where student gather each day in the dining hall for a family-style meal. It is a wonderful time of the day to relax, reconnect with friends, and reinforce the importance of courtesy and manners. At the table, children have the hot meal which are supervised by faculty and staff.

We have a wonderful catering team who specialise in providing healthy, nutritious and delicious food with plenty of variety and all food allergies and dietary requirements are catered for. Our chefs create well-balanced and exciting offerings to nourish young bodies and minds. They ensure that menus meet all guidelines for a healthy and balanced diet. Together with school administrators, school nutrition committees, and parents, Ganges works to provide solutions that are tasty and nutritious.

Extensive staff education on special dietary needs is part of each school’s back-to-school training program. In addition, our Wellness Department takes an active role in helping to educate our children on the benefits of healthy eating.

Our custom technology makes it easy to access our online menus to see what's for lunch every day.