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Admissions open for PP1 to Grade IX,XI 2022-23 | Parent Visiting hours for Admissions | Week days - 9:00 am till 3:00 pm  Know More        GLOBAL EDUCATION AWARDS DUBAI 2021-22


  • Infrastructure

    Nestled in lush green environs, away from the pollution of the city, Ganges Valley School has state of the art infrastructure. Well designed, spacious, air conditioned, smart classrooms make for a conducive and safe learning environment.

  • Library

    The school library contains 10000+ books that cover a spectrum of subjects. Besides magazines and journals the school library is a repository of the digital titles of varied genres.

  • Dining

    Community dining is an essential element of life skills that teaches us to respect various food cultures, inculcates timeless values and the right dining etiquette. The Ganges lunch and snack programme is based on this belief.

  • Sports

    The sporting facilities for basketball, athletics, cricket, football, tennis, table tennis, badminton are our pride.

  • Transport

    Ganges Valley School has put in a great deal of thought into its transportation system. We are committed to provide a safe, comfortable and effective transport system and thus make our parents tension free.

Latest News & Event

  • Exceptional School in Holistic Development

    The Global Education Awards 2021-22 event will witness delegates from 50 institutions and 25 plus countries. Great opportunity for exploring, learning, sharing & networking with global edu-leaders.


  • 2nd edition of Udaan

    We are back with the 2nd edition of UDAAN, the Ganges Newsletter. This edition, a lovely piece of literary and artworks of Gangians, is theme-based and imbued with grit, determination and the spirit and discipline that we, as a team, have exhibited during the last few months.


  • Inauguration Event

    Ganges Valley School was blessed by his Holiness Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji for the inauguration of its block Early Childhood Education Block and GOKARAJU LAILAVATHI WOMEN’S ENGINEERING COLLEGE.


  • Teachers Day Staff Felicitation 2021

    A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.


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Our Testimonials

We are the parents of K.M. Snehith who is a student of Ganges from the past 8 years would like to express our satisfaction and gratitude for all the teachers of 9-C. It was during the online classes we could get a chance to listen, observe and participate with our kid and teachers. We could see the teacher’s participation and commitment in imparting the knowledge in all aspects of subjects, activities, worksheets and monitoring the children on a day-to-day basis which was really appreciable. Our special regards to Mrs.Harshitha Priyadarshini (Mathematics teacher) for her consistent and continuous efforts in teaching math subjects and logic for children. She was always motivated and dedicated in giving special inputs to children not only in her regular classes but also taking many extra classes to all students till they expertise the concepts. As a class teacher she has proven herself by establishing a strong bond with children. Our special thanks to Mrs.Aravinda (Telugu teacher) for the way she explains the subject and recites poems which are very unique and exclusive. Mrs. Arshia Fatima, Mrs. Usha, Mrs. Sandhya (science teachers) make the complex concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Biology very easy and understandable for children. The approach of Mrs. Sadhana (social teacher), and Mr. Abbas (English teacher) towards children is very soft, friendly and practical which engages the children with better participation in class. We would also like to extend our gratitude to our principal mam Mrs. Suparna Mehrotra, vice principal mam Mrs.Cinymol, Student Coordinator mam Mrs. Kalyani for their timely guidance and motivation of children with their vast experience.

Mr & Mrs Vijay Kumar. K

The only thing that is constant is change and history says that whoever has adapted quickly to change has prospered. That adaptability I have seen in the team of Ganges Valley School. The way and pace at which the school seemingly moved from regular schooling to digital schooling is praise worthy. I know that lots of people are involved in making this possible but the real heroes here are the teachers. They took this challenge of this new teaching environment and have proven that nothing can stop their passion for teaching. This is a huge task for the Pre-primary and Primary teachers as it is difficult to keep the little ones’ attention for longer hours in the online classes. But again, the teachers have taken up this challenge and have come out in flying colours. I am very happy with the way my daughter, Advika has adapted to the online mode. Never felt she missed any co-curricular or curricular activities during the last two years. That itself shows how meticulously Ganges has planned their academic years taking holistic development of students into consideration. This proves that the students of Ganges Valley School are in safe and able hands.

Mr. A Arun Kishore

We are very happy that we selected Ganges Valley School for our kids. Our journey with Ganges Valley school started 4 years back, the elder kid in 3rd grade and the younger one in PP1. This journey is an amazing experience for both the kids and very pleasant for us parents. They made us feel like we are part of kids every small moment in their journey by bringing us to those moments like the first speech, first presentations, first competitions and making us part of that journey. During the pandemic we are able to see how each teacher makes an effort to make all the kids comfortable and not to miss the physical presence in the school. We are very happy to see the patience and hardwork of all the teachers to make the kids understand the subjects and also making kids attentive, alert and engaging all the time

Mr. Nippan Singam

My daughter Ruhin Bhattasali is studying in class X and she is in this school since 2013. Ruhin has problem of low vision and in last two years her eye sight deteriorated. All throughout her journey till now, her school is like a pillar of strength and provides all possible supports whenever she requires. She gets the best possible academic assistance and emotional support from her teachers which help her to fight back. The school is truly very inclusive and considers each and every child's need.

Mrs.Manjusha Chowdhury

My daughter is in class 5, joined GVS when she was in PP2 and happy to share that she carries great sense of pride being called as a Gangian. Ganges have the best facility, infrastructure, management, teachers and staff. As parents we always wanted to see her grow in an environment where she can learn and grow at the same time enjoy her childhood. Thankfully Ganges Valley School is the right place.


Ganges Valley is one of the best schools in HYD. I liked the traditional values being followed at this school. Impressed by its modern Infra and Greenary. Thing I liked most is Ganges school with its huge campus with Engineering and Pharma colleges from the same family can give their students opportunity to participate in workshops, seminars and projects.

Mr. Vikram Sheelam

It stands to reason that a school is synonymous to delivering academic results. I’ve been at Ganges for the most of my higher secondary education and the word “lacking” has never come to mind around theoretical or practical knowledge, may it be in labs or with the recent surge in the online platform, they’ve always appertained to quality. Events, competitions, and exposure have always been exemplary, but during these dire times, its even more so. I’ve taken part in more events than I can count alongside Ganges and its has helped build a lot of core and soft skills. It has been a great few years at Ganges and I’m certain they’ll break even greater milestones as time progresses.

Akil Krishna- High School Grad
best cbse school in hyderabad

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