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  • Earth Day & Inter house Elocution Competition
  • Students of Ganges Valley School celebrated Earth day on 22nd of April,2014 to disseminate and share ideas on how to save ideas on how to save  and conserve the earth. This began with a special assembly and was followed by an elocution competition for Grades 4 & 5 in an interhouse elocution competition where the topics  varied from  pollution, Global warming, waste management, forest conservation, water conservation. Children spoke from their heart and conveyed the ideas deligently, to inform and persuade by discussing causes that are harming the earth and the effects which will shadow the future of the mankind.
    Elocution Competition Results
    2014-15 Inter-house
    S.NO CLASS NAME                       HOUSE        RESULT
    1. IV A      Rohit Singh        Aakash I
    2. IV B         Pratik Bose Bavanar   Aakash II
    3. IV A     Pranava Reddy .D      Agni         III

  • Ugadi Celebrations
  • We had a small Ugadi celebration in School yesterday. The details of the festival were shared with the children during the assembly but your reading will  help reinforce their knowledge about the festival. If you are  not from Andhra Pradesh, do visit one of your Telugu friends to taste the unique  prashad – Ugadi Pacchad.

    Sri Jaya Naama Samvastsara Subhakankshalu.


    Kindly click the facebook link given below to view the Ugadi photographs and please share your views.


  • January 10, 2013: Celebrating 1st Annual Cultural Festival
  • Ugadi Celebrations
  • Special Assembly held on the eve of Ugadi
  • Visit to Kidihou
  • Pre Primary children visited Kidihou children's Museum at Madhapur on 8th March.
  • Brown Day
  • Brown - brown reminds one of the chocolates, the camels, the lions, the woods and the earth we tread.
    It was time to celebrate yet another colour, and this time the colour was BROWN .The Pre-primary students celebrated Brown day on Wednesday, Feb 5.All were Dressed in different shades of brown, ready to explore its many hues, the kids were surprises to see their class rooms filled with brown colour objects all over. The assembly began with the peppy, ‘Brown girl in the ring’. The day’s activities included making head gears of different brown colour animals, PP2 making fox using origami and the tiniest of all , the nursery having a fun filled hands on experience of colouring endearing monkeys.

  • Story telling by Treasure House
  • The Pre primary wing had a Special story time with music and dance on Tuesday, Feb 11. Satvika the vocalist, Purvi the story teller and Priya the classical dancer from Treasure House  took our children on a safari, singing and dancing with the sleepy animals of GIR jungle. The stories were  narrated and enacted so graphically that the characters came alive- the sleepy baby elephant, the roaring lion, the dangerous tiger, and the lost piglet- Maalipoo.
    This storytelling session had a unique capability of encouraging the children to interact and participate, listen and respond, use their imagination and visualize the story.The session  set each one in motion- swaying, jumping, clapping and singing in tune to the rhythm of the music.Each story had a happy ending, leaving even the tiniest ones- the nursery kiddos in happy and excited.

    Every child even the youngest has a story to tell, let’s try to listen to them-
    that contributes to self confidence, personal motivation boosts thinking capacity.

  • Summer Fest
  • “Some people think that summer is too hot, but I just love it”is what the Pre-Pimary students had to say.
    The Pre-primary children were learning all about seasons. Real life experience and independent observations are the best form of learning. Summer fest was celebrated in School on Friday,  Feb 28 to revisit the topic through sensorial learning.  All the children came dressed in bright, cotton clothes  to enjoy the summer bash. The setting  at the sand pit gave a feel of the  sea side. splash pools were set with plastic fishing  nets for the little ones to have fun.Children were drawn to the wet sand next to the sandpit and they enjoyed building sand castles. Soft sponge balls were scattered all over  and the highlight of the event was the coconut  water on sale. The play area became the most happening place for those few hours.  The live peppy music  got the tiny tots  shaking their little legs and dancing merrily. Children had   great fun going down the curvy slides , climbing  the ropeways and playing with  other play equipments. Each one seemed to be in their own world, exploring the magic of summer.. 

  • KAUSHALYA- 2013 (An Exclusive competition for Teachers conducted by ACT)
  • Ganges Valley Teachers Ms.Bharathi & Ms.Archana Bhagath brought laurels to the School by winning prizes in the action research project contest KAUSHALYA organized by Academy for Creative Teaching (ACT) in which teachers from different schools in India participated.
    Action research project topic – Water
    Ms Bharathi – 3rd prize
    Ms Archana Bhagath –Consolation prize

  • Animated Adventure Comedy
  • Grades 1 & 3 were shown the animated adventure comedy " The Croods "
  • Special Assembly - Mother Tongue Day
  • Fun Day at the Zoo, Night Stay at School
  • Ganges students are always  happy to be  in School; so  when  a night stay  at School on Feb 7th was announced the students were ecstatic and started making elaborate plans. 
    The day began with children of Grade 1 – 8 arriving at School with their night kits. After a quick roll call and a brief assembly where they were reminded about following safety rules and good conduct, they set off for a day of fun and frolic– Grades 1 -4 to Sudhakar Car Museum and the Hyderabad Zoo and Grades 5 – 8 to the Deer Park.  Games like Dumb Charades and antakshari kept everyone  engaged during the bus ride.
    On returning  to School in the evening, the little ones spoke excitedly about the  outing.   The various cars at the museum like the Brinjal Car, Camera Car, Cricket ball Car and Helmet Car and the animals at the zoo like  the White tiger, the white peacock and the python, seemed to have fascinated them in equal measure. The older kids of course had no less fun at the Deer Park trying their hand at rappelling, rock climbing and archery.
    After freshening up, everyone assembled in the School ground for the much awaited bon fire. Students and teachers danced merrily to popular numbers. The reluctant ones – both teachers and students - were roped in too and found themselves shaking a leg.   When repeated announcements of bedtime fell on deaf ears, the teachers resorted to switching off the lights. While the younger lot fell asleep almost immediately, the older kids  continued to play dumb charades  and truth and dare. When they had tired of these too, the inevitable ghost stories started off and continued into the wee hours.
    The morning was spent in the School grounds playing cricket, frisbee and football. After a scrumptious breakfast of vada and idli, the students and teachers headed home, busily chattering away about the exciting night at School.

  • Special story telling session by TREASURE HOUSE
  • Today was SPECIAL STORY TIME, with music and dance by Treasure house for Pre Primary students in the common area of the school. 

    The  PPs had a great time as they tapped their feet, clapped their hands and sang and danced through the story.
  • Grd 1- 3 Visit Treasure House
  • Today was SPECIAL STORY TIME, with music and dance for Grade 1-3  students. The musical performance with special props and backdrops took the children through the GIR FOREST, filled with zany animals - an ELEPHANT that has forgotten how to sleep, a LION that can bring down the forest with his snores and a PIGLET that can sleep through tumult and chaos.

    The  children had a whale of time as they tapped their feet, clapped their hands and sang and danced through the story.
  • Orange Day
  • The Kindergarten enjoyed a fun packed Orange Day on 9th Jan’14. The little ones of PP1 had carrot printing on an outline picture of orange and pumpkin colouring along with flower making with orange day. PP2 relished the orange jellies and the tiny tots of our school, the nursery freaked out on the orange tang drink and also learnt to prepare lion fake mask to celebrate the orange day.
  • Animal Kingdom
  • The little ones of Pre-Primary had a fun filled animal kingdom day on January 24,2014. This activity was conducted as a part of reinforcement to enhance learning and encourage interaction between students. A complete set up of the four broad classification of animals –farm, pet, wild, water and air was displayed. Children were given the choice of getting one of their favorite animal toys to school. Each child placed his/her animal toy in the section to which it belonged. To make the learning more fruitful, teachers narrated animal stories using colorful placards emphasizing on unity among different groups of animals. It was a visual treat for the kinders and proved to be a good learning experience.
  • Jharokha - Glimpses Of Learning
  • On Saturday, February 1st, Ganges Valley was abuzz with a flurry of activity as the School celebrated  Jharokha - Glimpses of Learning. An annual event at Ganges, it is a unique platform for the students to demonstrate their learning through the year.  With each class selecting a theme from the curriculum, researching it and presenting it, the classrooms and corridors were full of colourful and informative displays, writing and artwork.
    Spring was in the air, as all the Pre-primary classes decorated their rooms with flowers, butterflies, bees and bugs.   Water, Our universe, Plant world and Animal kingdom were some of the themes that the junior classes worked on. The nursery rhyme corner, where the tiny tots  took turns to sing rhymes, was a real crowd puller.
    The senior classes made subject-wise presentations. While the Social Science department presented the physical features of India, the Science department chose an array of topics like magnetism, solar power, sound and light. A live model of the lunar surface having craters, basalt rocks and asteroids was undoubtedly the highlight of the exhibition.  The Language Departments had skits, poetry recitation, riddles, tongue twisters and language games. The Maths department engaged the parents by giving them interesting and challenging puzzles. Vidith Vasireddy of PP1  stumped every one by solving one of the puzzles that none of the adults could solve.
    The students impressed the parents by wishing the parents smartly, introducing their topic and  then confidently presenting it.  At the end of their presentation, they bravely faced the volley of questions the parents had for them and gave appropriate answers. Those who did not know the answers, kept their poise and promised to find out later. The parents were amazed at the excellent communication and presentation skills, some of the students displayed.
    The parents went away happy with the active learning that was evident in the exhibition. The lavish praise that the parents showered as feedback truly made the day for the teachers and the students. 

  • Martyrs’ Day on Thursday, 30th January
  • Ganges observed Martyrs’ Day on Thursday, 30th January. Martyrs’ Day is an annual observance in India to honour Gandhiji as well as all the freedom fighters who gave up their lives in service of the Nation.  

    The School remembered Gandhi and his values by singing his favourite bhajan Vaishnava Jana toh tene kahiye during the morning assembly.

    Two minutes silence was observed at 11am by all classes from Nur – Grd 8 to honour Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Republic Day 2014 at Ganges
  • Ganges celebrated India’s 65th Republic Day with a special assembly in the school grounds. The grounds decorated with paper flags and patriotic songs playing in the background set the mood for the national festival. The Head Boy, Nachiket  and the Head Girl, Bhavana, along with the Principal, Mrs Vijaya Lakshmi Ramesh and the Academic Director, Mrs Vimala Chandrasekhar, flagged off the celebrations by hoisting the tricolor. This was followed by a spirited rendition of  the National Anthem. 
    The Academic Director, Mrs Vimala Chandrasekhar, in her address to the School spoke about the importance of Republic Day -  how with the Indian Constitution coming into force  on 26 January, 1950,   India became a truly sovereign state.  She reminded the students about their duty to the nation and  urged them to watch on TV  the grand  parade  held in New Delhi  to mark the occasion as well as listen to the President’s address to the nation.
    The School grounds reverberated with patriotic fervour as the children heartily sang Saare Jahan Se Achha and Vande Maataram.  The assembly concluded with the students and  the staff saluting the national flag . In the senior classes, the Social Science  teachers discussed with the children the salient features of the Constitution  as well as the rights and duties of the citizens. While some of the primary classes were engaged in drawing and colouring the national flag, others  had a face painting activity using the flag colours . Sweets were distributed to the students at the end of the day. 

  • Coffee Morning
  • Tomorrow  i.e 25th Sat'14 Coffee Morning with Parents of Grade-1-3
  • Payyoli Express visits Ganges Valley
  • With Sprint queen, P T Usha visiting Ganges on 20th Jan, winter break ended and School reopened with a bang for the students and staff of the School.  Excited and animated in anticipation of the visit, the teachers and students worked all morning, briskly making arrangements for the visit. The students of other schools like Silver Oaks, Oakridge, DAV, Meridian, Glendale, Samashti and Sanghamitra were also invited.
     The visit began with a guard of honour by the School appointees. This was followed by track and field events like the 100m race and the 4x 50m mixed relay in which students of Ganges as well as the visiting schools took part.  Next Mrs Usha witnessed the Pyramids display by the students of Ganges and then presented medals and certificates to the winners of the races. Glendale won the gold for the 100m dash and the relay race. Vikas of Grd 8 of Ganges won the bronze for the100m dash.
     Later, Mrs Usha interacted with some of the students of Ganges and patiently answered their questions about her career, her endeavour, The Usha School of Athletics and the future of athletics in India.
    At the conclusion of her tour she said that she was impressed with the discipline the students displayed during the show and expressed the hope that Ganges would produce excellent atheletes in the future.

  • Swirl the Ganges PP Sports Day
  • The Pre primary wing of Ganges Valley celebrated ‘Swirl’ the annual Sports Day on January 4th in the School grounds. While the grounds dotted with flags in different colours  looked bright and inviting , it was  the tiny tots dressed in the five colours of the Ganges logo that stole the show. 
    The Meet began with some of the PP2 children escorting the Chief Guest Smt Lailavathy Gokaraju to the dais, followed  by a welcome walk by all PPs to the tune of Baby Elephant walk. 
    The displays  gave the School an opportunity to showcase the new skills that the students had acquired. Encouraged by the parents’ constant cheering,the Nursery and PP 1 children in shimmery waist bands twisted away merrily to I Like to Move it , Move it from Madagascar. The Parachute display by PP1 and PP2 included actions  like shaking, swinging to the left and right, making a zero, popping balls and tomb formation that the children had learnt during their KOOH classes. The PP2 dance Happy Feet was also appreciated by the parents.
    They were several fun races  like Get Ready for School wherein the children had to pick up a school bag, strap it across their shoulders and run to the finish line.   Double Scoop  required them to run, put two scoops of sand in a bucket and then run with it. The PPs enjoyed the hurdles and the Stop Pick and Run race. The sight of the tiny tots attempting to do the tasks required and running clumsily had the parents in splits.
    The prize distribution ceremony saw the  winners proudly  receive their medals and certificates from the Chief Guest Smt Lailavathy Gokaraju and the Guest of Honour  Smt Padmaja.
    Finally when the parents race was announced, it was children’s turn to cheer the parents. The response to the call for the Couples race for parents was overwhelming and took 6 rounds to complete. The parents went away happy  terming the programme as  short and sweet.

  • ‘Tide’ takes Ganges by Storm
  • ‘Tide’ the  Ganges Valley Sports Day  kicked off in  style with the School appointees ushering in the  Chief Guest, Shri MSK Prasad with a guard of honour  and  equestrian, Prajwal of Gr 8 riding  Vijairaut,  the school horse around the school ground. The School grounds looked festive,  with students dressed in their House colours ; track flags in green, red, blue and yellow,  fluttering in the wind and cut outs of the School  mascot, the Ganges dolphin, prominently displayed.
    All the students from Grd 1 – 8 took part in a range of different events which made use of the skills they had learned during their P E classes. While the  Pom- pom drill by Grd 1 drew loud cheers from the parents, the martial arts display   as well as the Pyramid formation by the senior grades had the audience spell bound. These were interspersed with track and field events, that had the four Houses cheering the participants from their stands. This reached a crescendo during the 200m mixed relay race for the seniors. Finally, when Mrs Vani Raju, the Executive Director of the School announced  Prithvi   as the winning House for the year the audience erupted  into a loud, enthusiastic applause.   The prestigious Bhagirath award given to the best sports persons of the year went to Jhanvi of Grd 7 and Vikas of Grd 8. 
    The Chief Guest, former cricketer Shri MSK Prasad in his address spoke about the importance of Sports in a child’s life and urged parents to encourage their children to play sports regularly.
    The grand finale, an  aerobic display performed to a Mohombi song by Grd 4-8 was truly electrifying  with fire crackers going off as a back drop to the display and sky lanterns  lighting  up the night sky.
    While the students felt it was a lot of hard yet rewarding work, the teachers expressed satisfaction on having  taught  the children cooperation as well as competitive spirit.

  • SWIRL & TIDE - The GANGES Sports Day
  • GANGES Celebrates SWIRL & TIDE - The GANGES Sports Day
  • Dental Health Check up
  • Dental health check up was conducted by Mr.Sridhar Dental clinic for the staff and students of Grade ( Nursery – Gr-8)

  • IMO ( International Math Olympiad)
  • IMO ( International Math Olympiad)  was conducted for Grades 1-8

    Syed Selina – Gr-2

    Pratik Bose Bavanari – Gr-3

    Hrishi Shaurish.B - Gr-6

    Have been awarded a GOLD MEDAL for NCO (National Cyber Olympiad) for securing highest in the class.

  • Karate Belt Test
  • Karate Belt Test was conducted for Gr-3 to 8 students today i.e 18/12/13
  • Karate Belt Test
  • Karate Belt Test was conducted for Gr-1 & 2 students today i.e 17/12/13
  • Solar Projects
  • A Session on 'Robotics' electrical and solar projects at GRIET-EEE departments for Grade 7 & 8 students.
  • School Game Federation (S.G.F)
  • Manikanta.M (Gr-VII) & Rithish kumar.Y (Gr-V) participated in Skating Road (Under 14 & 11) event secured first place with Gold Medal and was selected to state level competition going to be held at Kakinada on 22,23,24th of Dec’13.


  • Spell Bee
  • North-South Foundation had conducted the preliminary round of Spell,Math,Science bee’s for the year 2013 in Suchitra Academy, kompally. Pratik bose bavanari of Grade-3 secured second place in all the three bees.
  • Roller Skating Federation of India (RSFI)
  • Roller Skating Federation of India(RSFI) conducted a 25 inter-district roller skating competition where all the students from different districts of A.P participated. Y.Ritish Kumar of Grade-5 stood 3rd in the road race out of 37 participants under 8-10 yrs category.
  • Sakunthala Sreeja of Gr-3 performed dance at the closing ceremony of The ” INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN’S FILM FESTIVAL INDIA”

  • Quiz Competition
  • A Quiz conducted for Gr-4 to 8 students on Cricket & Hockey on 25th Nov'13.
  • November 20, 2013:A day trip to Active Farm House
  • Ganges Valley School  periodically organizes  field trips  for its children.   On 16th November, World Food Day was observed all over the world and the children of Ganges Valley School  too were taught about the importance of food. To reinforce this, a day trip to  Active Farm School (AFS), at Gopanpally,  was organized for the  children of  Grade 1 on 20th Nov and  for Grades 2 and 3 on  22nd Nov. 

    The children were excited to see and touch farm animals like cows, goats, sheep, geese and hens. Be it a real life experience in ploughing the field , watering the crops, separating the cream from the milk, baking bread and separating the husk from rice grains, they did it all.
    Children were amazed to experience the miracles of science too. They learned how solar energy is converted to electrical energy as the fan started rotating when they were in the sun but it stopped as soon as they came into the shade and how the fire sensors worked as it poured water automatically when there was a fire.

  • November 18th to 22nd-Nutrition week
  • Kindergarten  is the right time for developing healthy eating habits. To this end, a nutritious  menu  that included vegetables and fruits was designed for a week and from 18th  to 22nd  November. All the kindergartners brought healthy snacks as per the schedule given.  Along with this, each day the children were engaged  in activities that enhanced their knowledge of food and plants.
    Day 1: All the pre-primary teachers enacted a skit that emphasized  - Healthy food gives energy and helps us to grow.
    Day 2:  A beautiful garden made of carved vegetables and fruits was prepared by the teachers and displayed  to make these appealing  to the children.
    Day 3: A group of children dramatized the various stages in the growth of a plant. 
    Day 4: A role play on how to reduce garbage through reuse and recycle was done by a few children.  This was followed by an activity that  emphasized   -GO Green and Save Green to ensure cleaner surroundings. 
    Day 5: A story that high-lighted the importance of eating etiquette was narrated to the children. The most popular activity was of course the video of  rhymes on  fruits and vegetables.

  • November 29, 2013:Green Day
  • Green Day for Pre-Primary children to reinforce the colour green.They all came dressed in green and were shown a film.
  • November 23, 2013: Ganges Prep Mart
  • The preschoolers of Ganges Valley School added another feather to their cap by putting up a live model of a  bazaar on Saturday, 23rd November. The cloudy, quiet Saturday morning  at Ganges that began with a light shower, came alive with the brightly and colourfully decorated bazaar that included a supermarket, a  nursery ,a vegetable and fruit shop, a coupon counter, a paper bag counter, a food court and a beautiful vegetable garden  made of carved vegetables and fruits. The sight of students dressed as vendors- the  boys  in lungis and turbans   and girls in dupattas draped as saris, and announcing their ware by shouting tomatoes... tomatoes; palakoora ...totakoora....greeted the parents as they entered the common area. Fruits, vegetables, groceries and dry fruits were attractively displayed along with their name and price. As the parents went around, the little ones assisted by their teachers, showed them different items and answered the parents queries confidently. The parents and teachers were amazed at the energy and enthusiasm of the little ones.
    By the end of it, not only did the tiny tots gain knowledge about the different kinds of fruits and vegetables but also experienced the hard work involved in earning a living. Students got an opportunity to observe the vegetable seller, the manner in which he displayed his products, the procedure of buying and selling and were also introduced to the concepts of weight and money. 
    The Bazaar gave the children an opportunity to see and learn about plants, to greet visitors and interact with them, to work independently and above all think beyond the text.

  • Day Trip - Grade-II & III
    • Day Trip for Grade-II & III to 'Active Farm School' on 22th Nov'13  
  • Day Trip - Grade-I
  • Day Trip for Grade-1 to 'Active Farm School' on 20th Nov'13                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


  • Nutrition Week
  • Our Pre –primary students are presently learning about Nutrition. The teachers reinforced the concept in the assembly today, by presenting a skit that underscored the importance of including vegetables and fruits in our diet.  It also showed how poor eating habits prevent us from excelling in different sports.
    As part of Nutrition Week activities the Primary Wing prepared and sold vegetable chat in the Common area during the short break today.  The proceeds from the sale will go to  Sankalp.

  • Visit to Birla Science Centre
  • With the flawless launch of India’s Mars-bound spacecraft,  Mangalyaan, Science has suddenly  taken centre stage in most Indian schools. Ganges Valley School seized the opportunity and organized a field trip to the B M Birla Science Centre for the students of Grades 6 – 8.  The visit began with a conducted tour of the museum. The highlight of course was the journey through space – a travel from pre-historic time to the present. The students were fascinated by the cosmic presentation that highlights the various mysteries of the universe as they unfolded- from Haley’s comet through space explorations of the solar system to the riddles of the black holes and the newly discovered dark energy. Equally popular was the Dinosaurium- a unique Natural History Gallery, that displays a rare and magnificent fossil of the Dinosaur, Kotasaurus.

    Based on the visit, the students were asked to undertake unique, exciting Science projects. Language  as well as Social Science teachers  gave assignments  based on what the students had seen at the  Science Centre.  After spending the day at the Science Centre, the students came back, their spirits elated, some of their queries answered and  their curiosity aroused to know more about  some of the concepts.
    The teachers happy with the way the children responded, determined to organize such educative, informative trips more frequently. 

  • DEAR (Drop Everything & Read) Activity
  • All the students and teachers from Grades 4 - 8 read from a book of their choice for 20 mins on during the morning assembly on 16th November.
  • DEAR (Drop Everything & Read) Activity
  • All the students and teachers from Grades 3 - 8 read from a book of their choice for 20 mins on during the morning assembly on 7th November.
  • Field Trip to park
  • Ganges Valley School organised a field trip to Krishnakanth park on Tuesday,12th November for the Pre-Primary students. It was indeed an experiential learning through play and a lovely way of sharing experiences with peers.

  • Field Trip to Birla Planetarium
  • Students of Gr-4 to 8 visited Birla Science Centre on Thursday,13th November.

  • Childrens Day Celebration & Face Painting competition
  • Children’s Day celebrations at Ganges included :

    · A special assembly where teachers sang, danced and presented a skit ‘Classroom’

    · A dance workshop

    · Animation films

    · Face painting Competition for Grade 4-8
  • The Second Graders ushered in Deepavali on November 1st with a  presentation  Deepothsav. The programme attended by Grade II parents, commenced with   the lighting of the diyas and a welcome note by the Principal, Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi Ramesh. Dressed in traditional clothes, the children welcomed Diwali with a beautiful dance. Next followed scenes from the Ramayana – Ram’s exile, Ravana abducting Sita, Ram killing Ravana and finally returning to Ayodhya. Ram’s story came alive on stage with young Sai Shriya, dressed as a grandmother,  doing the narration and  some of the children enacting the story of Ram. The children also spoke of the festivities related to Diwali like: Narka Chaturdasi,  Laxmi puja and Bhai duj. The Programme ended with the children dancing merrily to the song “Happy Diwali”. The parents appreciated the children’s efforts and thanked the teachers for teaching their children to speak, sing and dance confidently.
  • Sports Champs
  • Hyderabad District Roller Skating Competition
    Category -   8 - 10 yrs
    Name of the Student   -  Y Rithish Kumar (Gr-V) 
    Event Name:         Medal Won:
    Road              -           Gold
    Rink  2           -            Bronze
    Rink 2A          -            Bronze   
    Ranga Reddy District Roller Skating Competition.
    Category -  6 - 8 Yrs
    Name of the Student   -  Sakunthala Sreeja R ( Gr- 3A)
    Event Name:         Medal Won:
    Road              -         Silver
    Rink 2            -         Bronze

  • Field trip to Supermarket
  • Field trips take the learning beyond the classroom and extend it to life. A field trip for the pre primary children was planned on Friday, 27 September to ‘MORE’ supermarket. On reaching the destination children were very excited to go inside and see the various items displayed. Supermarket is a frequent visit for any child, but going with friends and teacher is a different experience. Each and every section of the store was observed by the children and simultaneously information about the products was gathered. Moreover the children also got the opportunity to view the bakery unit of the store. The entire staff was very friendly and interacted enthusiastically with the students. Token gifts and candies were given to each child added to their delight.
    Children are very inquisitive and respond effectively to things they see and feel. It was a lovely day out for the little ones that helped to increase their personal knowledge and give them an opportunity to explore independently.

  • Tank Cleaning Activity
  • The Preprimary wing had a tank clean up activity on September 11, to make the children understand the neccessity to keep their surroundings clean and thereby lead a healthy life.
         The water tank in the ground of the Ganges Valley School was littered purposefully with hygienic, child friendly things i.e. paper,dry leaves and small pebbles for the children to clean up with fishing nets .The teachers helped the children in doing so by the waste in the dustbins placed nearby. The teachers explained to them that a cleaner society is in each one’s hands.
    Children instantly related to the practical experience and discovered the pleasure of living in a clean environment.

  • Field trip – An MMTS ride
  • Wheels on the bus goes round and round….
    Train on the track goes chuk! Chuk! Chuk!

    In keeping with the theme for the month of October, ‘Transport’ , The Pre-primary kiddoes were taken on a ride in the  MMTS  on Friday,18th October. We took an MMTS from Hafizpet to Lingampally and back.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the ride with their friends. The teachers of course used the opportunity to make them observe and be aware of the things they saw from the train and teach them about land ways. The excitement of the children on seeing another train pass by was a sight to behold. Not only did they observe various things, they   were   also familiarized with new words like platform, tracks, over bridge, passenger and ticket counter.
    Throughout the journey the children sang rhymes and waved to passers by. The sight of trees and buildings whizzing past them as the train chugged away added to their excitement. As they took the joy ride hooting and squealing excitedly, little did the children realize that all along they were learning about ‘Land ways’.

  • Baazar visit by Grade 1 & 2
  • To Market, To Market………………….
    On  Tuesday, September 24, 2013, students of Class I & II of Ganges Valley School went for a short field trip. They visited the nearby vegetable and fruit market where fruits and vegetables, brought by the farmers directly from the fields, are sold. The Rhytu Bazar was hustling and bustling with buying and selling going  on noisily like any other day. The presence of  the children with their inquisitive eyes and incessant chatter added colour and cheer to the market. They were amazed to see the huge piles of vegetables and fruits displayed in the market. The teachers encouraged the children to notice the variety   in colour, shape and texture of the different vegetables and fruits on display.  Much to the delight of the children, each of them was given a vegetable or fruit by the vendors. On their return to School, the teachers spoke to the children about the value of sharing and how the poor vendors at the market demonstrated this value by offering each child some fruit or vegetable.

  • Hindi Diwas Celebrations
  • With the assembly area decorated with colourful, informative charts on Hindi language, and all the staff members dressed in traditional Indian clothes, Hindi took centre stage on 14 September, at Ganges Valley as the school celebrated Hindi Diwas with a special assembly. Coordinated by teachers of the Hindi department, the programme included Hindi songs, poetry recitals, a skit and a PPT.
    The song, Saraswati Namasthubyam, soft and melodious, set the tone for the assembly. The Principal Mrs Vijaya Lakshmi spoke about the beauty of Hindi language, its place in our lives and how it shapes our identity and self-esteem as Indians. 
    This was followed by a song, ‘Humko man ki shakti denne data’  by our School teachers. The news was   read by Tanisha, a Class 5 student.  Children enjoyed listening to Kabir ke dohe. The senior children presented a skit ‘Idgah’ based on a novel written  by prominent Hindi writer, Munshi Premchand.
    The assembly concluded with a  presentation on Hindi language, made by senior Hindi teacher, Mrs Vijaya Lakshmi who traced  its origins to Devanagari and showed how it went on to become the National language of India on September 14, 1949. Children looked extremely proud when she said that it  is the second most spoken language in the world after Mandarin Chinese and  that it  is on its way to becoming a global language with nearly half a billion people worldwide speaking it.

  • Kinder Rollout - 2013
  • The most awaited of the 1st term for the Pre Primary wing – ‘Kinder Rollout’, the day to roll out the talents of our tiny tots was held on Saturday,21/9/13. The little boys and girls stepped up smartly with their props to recite,talk,narrate and enact. The little wonders of Nursery recited rhymes – their confidence was indeed remarkable. The PP1 students chose to role-play-they showcased their learning through this, whether it was the alphabet ,strokes,numbers,colors,playing good hosts or community helpers. The seniors of this section – the PP2 students narrated and enacted  short stories, much to the delight of the audience.
    It was an unbelievably mesmerizing performance that gave every child an opputunity to present their learning experiences and exhibit their talent.

  • Teachers' Day
  • On 5th September, the teachers of Ganges Valley were welcomed by their students with flowers and hand - made cards. The special assembly that was planned and executed entirely by the Students’ Council of the school  and included performances of students from classes 1 – 8,  had the teachers  singing praises of their children’s creativity and ingenuity.  Encouraged by the cheering of their teachers, the children sang popular songs and danced   to foot tapping numbers.  However, everyone looked somber and thoughtful Rohit, a class VIII student spoke about Dr Radhakrishnan and his contribution to the country as well as the need to recognize the service that teachers render to society.

    The teachers felt that the programme reflected the love and affection of the students for them.  It was a day that definitely proved that the Ganges teachers not only teach students but also reach them and school is just a home away from home. 

  • Ganesh Chaturthi

  • Ganesha Chaturthi also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi is celebrated all over India, to mark the birthday of Lord Ganesha. 
    At Ganges, we started the celebration a week ahead with the children being given an outline picture of Lord Ganesha to take home and decorate, using their imagination. On September 6th, the Pre primary wing of Ganges Valley School celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi.  All the beautiful Ganeshas the children decorated using  kundans, glitter, colored rice grains and of course, bright eye-catching colors were displayed all over the classrooms. Children dressed in traditional clothes and sporting orange -colored head bands, looked like the ardent followers of Ganesha as they chanted ‘Ganpati Bappaa Moriya’. A Ganesha idol was placed in the classroom and the students along with their teachers performed a small puja by offering aaarti, flowers and prasaad to the Lord. The celebration continued with everyone dancing and singing to the energetic beats of Ganesh bhajans. Finally sweets were distributed amongst the children to inculcate the value of sharing with each and experience the joy of celebrating festivals together.
    On September 6th , Classes  2 and 3 began preparations for Ganesh Chaturthi by making eco- friendly, clay Ganeshas in their classrooms  and decorating them with beads, rice grains and lentils. 
    Class 1 explored the origins of Ganesh Chaturthi  through a presentation ‘Ganesha’  that included shloka recitation, devotional songs,  skits and dances. They concluded the celebration with the hope that the next year’s celebrations will be bigger and better ( with eco-friendly Ganesh idols).

  • Yellow Day
  • The School celebrated Yellow day on August 30th, to help consolidate the  tiny tots’ learning of the colour.  This was taught using different examples like - the bright yellow sun, the beautiful sunflower, yellow in a traffic light, indicators of the car, the aggressive tiger, and of course, our School bus. The three pre-primary classes took up different activities appropriate to the skills and understanding of the children. While the Nursery children made smileys, PP1 and PP2 children made Sun and sunflower shaped face masks. At the end of the day the children proudly went home displaying their creations. The kids enjoyed this unique celebration that had all the pre-primary students and the teachers dressed in various shades of yellow.

  • Janmaashtami & Grand Parents Day
  • Close on the heels of Rakhi celebrations, Ganges valley School celebrated Janmaashtami as well as Grandparents Day to which the grandparents of the Pre-primary wing were invited.  The teachers recreated Gokul Vrindavan by decorating the school ground with flowers  and  colourful  earthern pots. 
    We began the show with lighting of the ceremonial lamp by Mr. Balaram Krishna and Mrs. Vara Laxmi, the grandparents of Charan Verma from PP2 . 
    This was followed by a fancy dress show where the children dressed In traditional clothes as Radha and Krishna walked up the stage and impressed the guests with their confidence. Next was the foot -tapping,popular sang ‘Choti choti gaiya’ but it was the song on  grandparents  that touched the hearts of everyone present .The  bonding between the  two generations as they participated in games  as well as breaking the handi  as part of Janmaashtami  celebrations was a joy to behold. The guests greatly appreciated the celebrations and said that such celebrations enhance the children’s knowledge of Indian culture and mythology.

  • Telugu Day Celebrations
  • While English is the medium of instruction at Ganges valley and our children are taught to be proficient in it, Ganges believes in teaching children the value of  learning  and respecting  regional languages.  To underscore this value, it  recently celebrated Telugu Day, the birthday of Gidugu  Venkata Ramamurthy panthulu , with a  special assembly dedicated to Telugu.  The programme unfolded with the song chakkera kalipina, tiyani kammani… the middle school children. The thought for the day  rendered in Telugu showcased the beauty of  Telugu language. The children dressed in colorful, traditional dresses played kolatam to a song sung by the Telugu teachers. It was followed by a skit that depicted  the importance of Telugu language in our daily life. The Academic Director, Mrs Vimala  Chandrasekhar spoke about the dangers of allowing the  infiltration of English  into Telugu language and the importance of  preserving its purity. The most entertaining event was a Just-a-Minute contest where the students had to speak on a topic of their choice in pure Telugu without interspersing it with English words. The event came to an end with the song maa telugu talli ki sung by the teachers.

  • Show & Tell
  • At Ganges Valley School children get ample opportunities to show case their skills. This week it was a “show and tell” competition where the children of grades 1,2 and 3 demonstrated their speaking and presentation skills.

  • Sankalp – A Social Commitment Programme
  • We at Ganges Valley believe in teaching our children that the hands that serve are worthier than the hands that pray. To this end , an initiative by the name “Sankalp” was introduced at Ganges Valley School on August 15, 2013. Children from Pre-Primary to Grade VIII and the staff have been requested to bring a handful of dal and rice twice a week and the items thus collected will be given away to a nearby orphangage. Sankalp is meant to awaken a sense of gratitude in the students for the blessings they have and share these with the less fortunate.

  • Raksha Bandhan
  • Raksha Bandhan celebrations at Ganges Valley School generated a lot of interest and excitement amongst the children as senior children during the assembly   demonstrated the rituals of the festival like sisters  putting tikka on the brothers forehead, tying rakhi and offering sweets and receiving gifts. The promise of unconditional love and bond of protection that the sacred thread rakhi symbolizes was stressed upon.  The narration of the story of Rani Karnavati sending a rakhi to Humayun  showed how the festival transcends the confines of family to cover the entire society and how simple  acts of caring lead to peaceful coexistence. The making of rakhis in the craft room using silk thread, sequins and stones by every  student of the school added to the air of  gaiety.
  • Resource Person Visit
  • The Pre-primary kids have been learning about community helpers, the interdependence on each other . It was time to acknowledge the handwork and dedication of numerous individuals.
    On 23rd August, Mr. Shikhamani -the Superintendent of Police visited our school and enlightened us with the valuable service his community does for the society. The preprimary kids were joined by the grade 7, 8 children to interact with the policeman who briefed  them the qualification, sports, physical fitness and strong willpower essential to take anyone to greater heights. He did add about his uniform, the stars they carry and its respective cadres, the sticks and guns and also on how they meet the needs of people as a community helper on every single day.
    The senior children shot back to back questions right from how the community protects the society to how a criminal is treated and changed to a positive attitude people. The friendly communication and interaction encouraged an appropriate and effective learning opportunity for children. It was in short as well-defined even to nuture the ever curious minds of our students.


  • Investiture Ceremony and Independence Day Celebrations
  • The 67th Independence Day was celebrated with fervour at Ganges Valley School. The Guest of Honour for the day was the eminent singer, Ms.Smitha. 
    She was welcomed with a guard of  honour and after she hoisted the tricolor, there was a march past by the four Houses of the school, Akash, Agni, Prithvi and Vayu, followed by the Investiture Ceremony. It was a moment of pride for the 12 office bearers as their fathers placed the sashes and the mothers pinned up the badges of office on them.
    The Academic Director, Mrs Vimala Chandrasekhar urged the students to live up to the school’s expectations and help maintain the discipline  and high standards of the school. She said “ Leadership is not about exercising authority but about being a role model, so that others can follow in your foot steps and become better human beings.”
    The Patriotic song competition conducted for the middle school children was greatly appreciated by the Guest of  Honour, Ms.Smitha.

  • Eid-Celebrations
  • Ganges celebrated Eid- ul- fitr with great joy.The little ones of Pre primary sang & danced in the assembly to spread the message of Eid. Mr Sajam & Mrs Farhina parents of ‘Aaban sajam’ of Nursery shared their thoughts on Eid- ul- fitr and also goodies from their kitchen, sheer khorma was shared at school as this is Meethi Eid.

  • Blue Day
  • B-L-U-E

    Spells the color blue.

    The sky, the ocean, and some birds

    Are all a beautiful blue.

    Pre primary children love learning  about colors. After, a complete month of activities on ‘Blue’, now it was time to celebrate Blue Day as a triumph on learning and mastering the color blue. The little children displayed their creativity by putting together ‘My Blue Book’-with collage work, coloring and thumb prints in blue, all incorporating the theme. It was of course fulfilled event for the children and the teachers.

  • Clean up Day
  •  "If it's dirty, clean it up. Don’t wait until later, do it now. The little twinkling stars of Ganges Valley School were initiated into this thought process on Thursday 18,July through a clean up activity. It was encouraging to the see the small hands carefully washing, wiping, drying and arranging their favorite toys all by themselves. It is essential that we teach our little ones proper hygiene so that they live a healthy life.

  • Rainy Day Celebration
  • The Pre Primary children made paper boats for themselves and sailed them away in the small, narrow artificial stream that was created just for this actvity. They had set attractive counters in the respective class rooms to sell the Bhel chat in authentic paper cones. Overall, it was a delight to watch the little ones hosting the complete show right welcoming each one till the serving, with whole hearted zeal and confidence.
  • Red is energizing. It excites the emotions, and motivates us to be active. Ganges Valley School celebrated ‘Red Day’ with great enthusiasm on Friday 28, June, Children were divided into groups and were encouraged to participate in the ‘Red Volcano’ activity. The PP Students & the entire ‘painted the school red ‘.
  • The students, staff and management of the school were the first to donate a funds of Rs.1 Lakh to “Red Cross Society”. Even the chairperson of Red Cross Society, A.P.Chapter ,Mr. Laxman rao was moved by these gesture of compassion. His interaction with the student volunteers was a forum on with the ’Values’. He re-enforced the need for value inculcation in the younger generation and schools being the places of worship engraving values in these little angels. We hope that the needy suffering children of Uttarakhand settle down fast and resume their schooling.
  • June 22nd, 2013: Parent Orientation day Addresses by Dr.Gururaj Karajagi, Chairman of ACT & Mrs.Vimala Chandersekhar, Principal of Ganges Valley School.
  • World Compassion Day-The Students of all Classes Nursery to VIII along with the staff collected funds for the unfortunate victims of the Uttarakhand disaster.
  • July 1st, 2013: Ganges Valley kickstarted the Vanamahotsav week with a cleanliness drive in which the students of Classes from Nursery to Grade-VIII participated.They went around the 33 acres of Gokaraju Rangaraju Educational Society Campus
  • July 3rd, 2013 :The Ganges family welcomed Mr.Srinivas Rao, Deputy Director of the AP Forest Academy, as the part of ongoing Vanamahotsav celebrations. He interacted with students of classes III to VIII & the staff, presented two saplings to the School.
  • June 19th, 2013: School re-opens for all Classes. -Special assembly to welcome the students. -Issue of Supplies to Pre-Primaries.
  • June 15th 2013: Issue of Supplies for Grade- I to VIII
  • June 3rd to 18th, 2013: Teacher Training Program by ACT
  • January 10th, 2013: Waves- The Journey of Colours
  • May 1st to 15th, 2013: Summer Camp Starts.
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