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23 Aug 2017
Sridhar & Manasa

Sridhar & Manasa Parents of G.Sahasra (Grade 2A)
We all in our family are very happy to have our beloved in Ganges Valley school. We found fantastic changes in her due to school’s hard work towards each student.

The different programs/activities held at Ganges are wonderful and each program is a new learning experience to children as well as parents.

The enthusiasm, courage, very good teaching staff and high quality all in one at the School. A very impressive school with imaginative and energetic teachers 
who will no doubt encourage their students to achieve their maximum potential and make them an achievers.

We highly recommend this school for every family.
Sridhar & Manasa
Parents of G.Sahasra (Grade 2A)
18 Aug 2016
Amrish Rathod


Amrish Rathod - Mumbai
I feel very fortunate to witness the Independence Day Celebrations organised by your esteemed school on Monday, 15th August,2016.

The event was indeed very well planned, excellently managed and perfectly executed. A Masterpiece showcased.

For more details please click here.

Gratitude, Respect & Regards,
Amrish Rathod
01 Aug 2016
Parent of Shlok Basu


Parent of Shlok Basu
We, the parents of 'Shlok Basu', a student of Grade-2 (Section-C) can scarcely believe that very soon Shlok would be saying goodbye to his second trusted home 'Ganges Valley School' due to our relocation to Singapore.

Shlok is extremely fond of his School and will definitely miss each and every aspect of the school. As parents, we also are very happy to have chosen 'Ganges Valley' for the early years of our child.

We would like to express our appreciation for the love, support, guidance, assistance and much more shown by You and the entire team of the School including teachers, coordinators, non-teaching staff, cooks, cleaners and all other members to ensure the overall growth, a clean and healthy environment , best facilities and holistic development of children at Ganges Valley.

In these past few years Shlok has grown into an honest, considerate, helpful and hardworking child and we know that we have 'Ganges Valley School’ to thank for that. The one-to-one attention that Shlok received from his teachers has made him confident in his abilities and sparked his interest in many different subjects. Getting involved in sports, arts, music, dance, field trips, project work and several other extracurricular activities also taught him the value of discipline, teamwork and creativity; traits that will serve him well throughout the rest of his life.

Finally, we would specially like to thank you wholeheartedly for your patience and understanding, and most of all, your ability to listen to and empathize with everyone. We are sure that you a great source of inspiration to all your students and their parents.

It has been a great learning experience and a strong foundation of our child’s education here at GANGES!

Warmest wishes,
Dr. Sudipta Basu and Mrs. Sumana Basu
(Parents of Shlok Basu - Gr-2)
31 Oct 2015
Parent of Tanushri


Parent of Tanushri GRADE-2

We are very happy that we have chosen Ganges Valley for our daughters.

We were very concerned last year since this is the first school experience for our children in India. Ganges has ensured a smooth transition for them. We love the school and the focus on value, and not to mention the fun children have while learning. The teachers are very nice and kudos to every one who is helping our lovely ones directly and indirectly. We have been sharing this positive experience with our family and friends and have no hesitation to stand up for Ganges Valley at any forum.

Thank you very much again for all the help and great education for my daughters. We wish you all the very best and great heights to Ganges Valley.

Best Regards,
Subbu Kamisetti & Srivani
(Parents of Haripriya Gr-5 & Tanusri Gr-2)
30 Oct 2015
Parent of Vamsy


Parent of Vamsy GRADE-1B

There are many reasons why we Love Ganges !!!

I can’t think of a better place for my son,Vamsy – whether it is the excellent, caring teaching staff, the large sunny yard with plenty of space for games, free play; the incredible diversity that allows my child to grow and a healthy diverse community. The teachers are dedicated, accessible and make learning fun and engaging. We are very happy with Ganges.

Best Wishes,
(Parent of Vamsy – Gr-IB)
30 Sep 2015
Parent of Bhuvan.K


Parent of Bhuvan.k GRADE-1D
I am Latha Chowdary.B working with TV5, a free lancer Anchor and owner of Joy Entertainments.I was worried while going to USA on my job, about leaving Bhuvan behind. After coming back from my U.S trip, I could see a lot of positive change in Bhuvan. This is only due to his loving and caring teachers Ranjani, Latha.

School was just like a happy home for him; there is a lot of improvement in his spellings, communication, English speaking, singing, dancing and reading.

I am very happy to see the improvement in Bhuvan in just 6 months.

(Parent of Bhuvan.K Gr-ID)
03 Sep 2015
Parent of Sai Siri.M


Parent of Sai Siri.M GRADE-2C
Last year I was searching for a good school for my daughter to admit her in Grade-1. After looking at various schools we put her in ganges. Now she is studying in Gr-2.

Ganges not only focuses on studies but also on other activities like sports, dance, singing, other cultural activities. They also identified each kid’s strengths & weaknesses and focus on improving in the weak areas. My daughter was shy and did not mingle with others when she was in 1st class. Now we see a lot of improvement she has almost overcome hers shyness and is thinking independently. She loves to go to school daily and teachers and staff support and encourage her.

We really thankful to the teachers, staff and management for their support and their role in my kids growth.

Thanking you,
Parent of Sai Siri.M – Gr-II C
03 Aug 2015
Parent of Vishwak


Parent of Vishwak NURSERY
I chose Ganges Valley School because on the first day I stepped into the School, i realised it was the school I was looking for . I loved everything about Ganges, the campus, classrooms, library, play grounds, teachers and especially, Mrs Vijaya Lakshmi Ramesh, the Principal who is always there to encourage her students and guide the teachers in the right direction. She patiently listens to parents and communicates with them. She is a great asset to the Ganges team.

My younger son , Vishwak (Nursery) is in Ms.Meena’s class. She is a wonderful teacher and is always ready to to help the children and encourage them to participate in all the activities. She is always available to solve any problem. She gives feedback on out child’s achievements and needs at regular intervals. It takes a bunch of genuinely good teachers to teach our children and that’s just what GANGES has.

Thank you Ms.Meena for all your dedication and outstanding professionalism.

Mr.Mrs.Hemanth Kumar.
(Parent of Vishwak - Nursery)
03 Jul 2015
Parent of Sri Vardhan


Parent of Sri Vardhan
I didn’t know that choosing a school would be such a difficult decision. After staying in U.S for more than 6 yrs, we were looking for a school with 10+ of things in mind. We wanted our sons to be comfortable, happy and be able to excel in their academic studies as well as develop over all personality with good moral values. ‘ Ganges Valley School’ is the reflection of all our thoughts and Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi Ramesh, the principal is so wonderful in maintaining the school with very good values.

My elder son, Sri Vardhan is in Ms.Pooja Puthin’s class. She is very nice and always ready to help & encourage my son in all the activities. She helped Sri Vardhan transition from US to India with great ease. We appreciate her hard work and endless commitment.

Thank you Ganges Team.


We all in our family are very happy to have our beloved in Ganges Valley school. We found fanta...

Sridhar & Manasa



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