Ganges Valley School aims to provide a learner centric & interactive pedagogy with stress on constructivist, enquiry and skill based learning.

Our curriculum negates rote learning, and promotes thinking, analytical and communication skills to develop an objective perspective that leads to independent judgment.

By enhancing the cognitive and analytical skills of students, we aim to create a stress-free learning environment

Sensorial :

Deals with sensory approaches and hands on learning. Caters to the urge for active and experiential learning with an emphasis on doing and understanding rather than just memorizing.

Intellectual :

Focuses on higher order conceptual learning with respect to logical and critical thinking. Encourages a learner to go beyond and make real life connections and apply knowledge in new contexts.

Emotional :

Creates a love for learning, an interest through stories and personal involvement with the content .Allows scope for managing emotions and being rational.

Spiritual :

Values are important for inculcating the right attitude and linkages with culture . Identifies values and establishes the need for them. Enhances decision making and problem solving abilities and instills a respect for diversity. Catering to the needs of the children, teaching, learning experience is designed to be age appropriate and experiential.

Pre-primary :

The children are observant, bold and curious. School is their first structured exposure to the outside world and a large peer group. The focus is on building their social communicative, gross and fine motor skills while at the same time encouraging their creativity. The academic programme is designed to develop literacy, there being no substitute for reading and books.

Primary (Grades I to V) :

As the children progress form Grade II to V, learning becomes more formal. Self-learning, self-expression, asking the right questions, making real life connections, the spirit of inquiry and trans-disciplinary learning become vital. The approach is designed for lifelong learning.

Secondary (Grade VI to X) :

Academic rigour increases as the children prepare to become a part of the mainstream. The teacher becomes a facilitator and the children are gently guided towards enhancing their critical thinking and adding to their knowledge only after careful questioning and understanding. The multi-disciplinary approach to learning continues to help them appreciate that learning does not happen in watertight compartments.


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